Video Cheshire 9 – I’m hanging out in the crib with my cute school girl outfit, with a very wet lavender diaper hiding underneath. First I tease you by lifting up my skirt to let you peek at my soaking wet diaper…I’m trying to hide it under my panties but it’s barely hidden at all! After a while, I strip off my skirt giving you a really good view of my diaper. It’s warm and wet and making me so horny. Luckily, I have my favourite big girl toy-my hitachi- in the crib with me. I rub it against the front of my wet diaper, teasing my little pussy and moaning in the pleasure. I play with myself til I cum hard in my diaper. Best playtime ever!

21st April 2017

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19th April 2017

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17th April 2017

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14th April 2017

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12th April 2017

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10th April 2017

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7th April 2017

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5th April 2017

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3rd April 2017

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31st March 2017

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29th March 2017

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27th March 2017

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