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27th March 2017

Video May 8 - Waking up in a wet diaper. May gets ups and ready [...]

24th March 2017

Video Brook 24 - Brook is told off and spanked in her diaper by Nanny Betty. [...]

22nd March 2017

Video May 7 - Getting ready for bed. May is in wearing a thick Rearz [...]

20th March 2017

Kitten Set 2 - Kitten returns wearing a thick Abena M4 diaper under her [...]

17th March 2017

Video Sol 9 - Thick diaper, butt plug and masturbation. Great video with Sol having [...]

15th March 2017

Video Brook 23 - Brook wakes up wet in her very crinkly, vintage Lillie Supreme [...]

13th May 2017

Video May 6 - Hear May peeing in her diaper while cleaning the changing table. The diaper [...]

10th March 2017

Daniele Set 3 - In a very thick space diaper, Daniele is changing and [...]

8th March 2017

Brook Set 9 - Diapered in the adult high chair, doing some colouring. Looking [...]

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6th March 2017

Video Sol 8 - In a very wet and full diaper, Sol can't help but [...]

4th March 2017

May Set 1 - Bonus update. May looking very cute wearing a Tykables diaper [...]

3rd March 2017

Video Chloe 144 - Chloe is soaked and starts masturbating in the bathroom. New website [...]

1st March 2017

Video Pastel 4 - Cuffed in the crib wearing a thick diaper and plastic onesie [...]

27th February 2017

Video Daniele 4 - Daniele grabs the hoover and cleans the house with her thick [...]

24th February 2017

Video Brook 22 - Nanny Betty comes in to find Brook has wet her diaper, [...]

22nd February 2017

Video May 5 - Looking very sexy in over the knee tights, high heels and a diaper, [...]

20th February 2017

Video Sarah 6 - Colouring in the crib wearing a thick Rearz Safari looking very [...]

17th February 2017

Video Chloe 143 - Wearing a Preschool Diaper, Chloe is having a chilled day playing [...]

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15th February 2017

Daniele Set 2 - Will you be my Valentine? Daniele looks very sexy in [...]

13th February 2017

Video Daniele 3 - Getting ready after getting out the shower. Daniele changes in to [...]

11th February 2017

Video Brook 21 - Bonus update. Brook wets her diaper while having a sleepover [...]

10th February 2017

Video Sol 7 - Taking a bike ride around town in a thick diaper on full [...]

8th February 2017

Kitten Set 1 - Welcome new girl Kitten to Genuine and cute ABDL, [...]

6th February 2017

Video Chloe 142 - After our last popular video, Chloe has made another blowjob video [...]

5th February 2017

Daniele Set 1 - Bonus update. In a wet diaper and tights, Daniele relaxes [...]

3rd February 2017

Video May 4 - May has a diaper bulge and the is diaper sticking out over [...]

1st February 2017

Video Sol 6 - Gagged, handcuffed and legs spread, tied to the bannisters in nothing [...]




by Blizzard Kid on UK DIAPER GIRLS
Idaho, USA

Five stars by far and I have been a member of two other sites (also good content), but UKdiapergirls surpasses. Great Value, great quality and very beautiful...

by ukdiapergirlsrocks on UK DIAPER GIRLS

Great site, can we have the girls say the brand, would like to see other baby diapers on the site as well. Maybe some reviews /interviews with girls as...

North West

Great site, like some others I prefer to hear the girls refer to diapers as nappies .. also would love to see Kate back ... she was incredibly sexy