A fellow ABDL contacted me through Tumblr to let me know that she makes nappy extenders, so that adults can wear proper baby nappies. They are made out of velcro and she hand sews them. She very kindly offered to send me some, and they arrived in the post today, with full instructions!

In her e-mail she told me that a big brand are really comfy when they aren’t too tight, and that I would be amazed how much they can hold. She talked about how they swell up beautifully, creating a brilliant sensation which is very different to when they are dry. Obviously I couldn’t wait to try them properly! The other times I’ve worn them, they’ve been stretched so tight that they have pinged off after a couple of minutes.

My photographer friend came over to see me this morning, to take some photos for my Tumblr blog of me playing with my new playdoh ice cream and cupcake making set, and I thought it was the perfect time to get a couple of shots of how the extenders work. I’m not so good at figuring out instructions but he worked it out pretty quickly, and soon I was comfortably wearing the baby diapers, size 6! There are three peices. Two of them attach to the nappy tapes (which are of course velcro on baby diapers) and then a strip goes across the front of the nappy, which you can then attach the other two pieces to.

They really did feel good, and I prefer smaller nappies – they are just so much cuter! I usually wear medium sized nappies, which are just a little bit big for me. Sometimes I wish adult nappies has a size in between small and medium – maybe small plus?

Anyway, I decided to wear it to work and there are more pictures on my Tumblr of me getting ready. Even though the lady that sent me the extenders said that you can comfortably do two wees in the baby diaper, I got a bit scared so I only did one in the end, but it soaked in wonderfully. It probably would have taken two, and next time I wear one at home I’m going to give it a try.