Hi! I’m Little Minxy.

You may know me from my old YouTube channel and my Tumblr blog. I’m 30 years old and live just north of London.

I found out about my little side when I met other littles about four years ago, and I started wearing nappies regularly around this time last year. In July I decided to go 24/7 for a little while, and that has been interesting at times! I have leaked while clothes shopping, changed in public toilets, and had to figure out where to put my wet nappies when staying at my mum’s house.

I love the feeling of wearing nappies, especially soft, plastic backed ones. I love the noises they make when they crinkle, and the way they hug my bottom. It makes me feel all secure and safe, and there’s nothing better than curling up in a nappy and onesie, with my dummy and Floppy my soft rabbit!

Floppy is my best friend and he comes to events with me. I made him at build-a-bear, which was super fun! He smells like candy floss and has a heart beat. Most of my soft toys live in a hammock in my bedroom, but Floppy lives in my bed and cuddles me every night.

I really enjoy going to play at the park, and I’m only little so I fit in the baby swings. Roundabouts are really fun but sometimes I spin too much and get all dizzy! I also love going to the beach – I have a Hello Kitty bucket and spade and making sandcastles is the best thing ever. I love Frozen and got to dress up as Elsa for Halloween last year – I can’t wait for Frozen 2 to come out!!

Lots of my friends know about my love of nappies, and most have them have been really great about it. Some even make jokes about it, like on a night out recently I took quite a big handbag, and my friend said “Oh look, she’s bought her nappy bag!” Some of my family know too, but only my sister in law and two of my cousins.

While I would really love to show my face, I work in a school so its a bit complicated! Looking forward to blogging regularly and being a part of this fantastic site 🙂

Minxy xx