So, over Christmas I had the opportunity to try out the ABU Space Diaper, kindly given to me by my friend Paul. I wanted to wait until a had a special occasion to wear it, and I’d been chatting to this guy on Tumblr for a while – we’ll call him Jamie. He is a diaper lover and wanted to try out his daddy side. Perfect opportunity, since I had split up with my own daddy at the end of last year.

So off I went in my little red Micra to do the hour’s drive to his little flat. We were both nervous when I got there and sat talking about nothing much over a cup of tea. The conversation invariably turned to nappies, so I showed him my Space Diaper and told him that I’d love to get a couple of pictures for my blog.

He agreed and so I lay down on his bed and he taped me snugly into the nappy. I really liked wearing a blue nappy and the little stars were so cute too. I’d heard that they disappear when you have a wee, but I wasn’t convinced. It’s quite a thick nappy, and once I had my leggings back on I was very conscious about how much it was showing, especially since we were going into town for a while!

Waddling around the shops, Jamie kept patting my bottom, just to remind me that I was wearing (like I could forget!) and show me what a baby I am. We got some candy floss and colouring books and headed back to his place. By this time I was wet of course, so we checked the nappy, and sure enough, the little stars had started to disappear! It’s true!

Jamie and I had a little cuddle and something unexpected happened. It turns out he is more little boy than daddy, and my mummy side started to awaken! After lots of cuddles, “milkies” and a little bit of meanness, it was time for me to leave.

Over the next few days, we agreed that I would be his mummy and we talked non stop, however he then just and I never heard from him again. I don’t know if he just got scared, or decided it wasn’t for him after all. But I don’t regret it – it was fun pretending to be a mummy for a little while!