I went for a play date at my friend Sarah’s house! It was so much fun. We both had our nappies on of course, me in a Super Dry Kids one. They are super crinkly and the pictures on the front are just too cute!

Armed with our dummies and sippy cups, we sat on the colourful play mat to play with Sarah’s toys. She’s really good at sharing!

She had a really cute Lego set with pink bricks in, I was was such a grown up girl following the instructions. We also looked at books together and made Play Doh food. I made sausage, mash, peas and carrots. I got the proportions a bit wrong though, so my sausages looked like poo poos 🙁

Sarah’s daddy had to keep refilling our sippy cups – playing is thirsty work! He then read us a My Little Pony story and we started to feel a bit sleepy so we cuddled up together for a little nap in our nappies.

When we woke up it was time for lunch. I was starting to get a bit soggy by this point, but I was too shy to tell Sarah’s daddy as he’s never changed me before. We got set up at the table with our bibs on, and had the best food ever – spaghetti hoops and potato smilies! Even though my Frozen sweater was protected, I still managed to get tomato juice all round my face, but when Sarah giggled at me, I told her that just means that I’ve enjoyed it, and that her daddy is a good cook!

After a yummy bowl of chocolate ice cream and a lot of cleaning up, I realised I had done another weewee and my nappy was really bulky by this point! I waddled back to the play mat and sat down, but to my horror, my nappy leaked out the side! I started to cry because I was really embarrassed, but Sarah and her daddy were very kind to me. He got me changed and cleaned up, and Sarah was a really big girl, helping to pass the wipes and baby powder.

Once I was all clean and in a fresh nappy it was time to go home, but what a brilliant day – maybe next time Sarah can come to my house and play with Floppy and all my other toys!