Its preschool day!! I regularly attend a preschool which runs every couple of months for ABDLs and littles. This weekend it was a Christmas special and I was very excited to dig out my Christmas clothes – even Floppy got a new outfit! It’s actually meant for a newborn baby, but Floppy didn’t mind. My Smurfs Christmas t-shirt reads “Is it too late to be good?” I hope not! I also got a new reindeer jumper that light up when you move! Lots of fun but sort of distracting when you’re driving at night…

Aww So Cute blue teddy print nappy on, dummy in, strapped into the car, quick stop at the supermarket to grab some reindeer antlers and a new sippy cup, and I was ready to go! I’m always a little shy when I first arrive, but soon I saw lots of my friends and there was much cuddles and squealing. My friend had made some playdoh for me in a jar and sewed me a new dummy pouch. Another friend gave me a pair of Hello Kitty plastic pants – yay!!

I quickly settled down to make some peppermint creams but I ended up with green hands and icing sugar all down my jumper. I wanted to eat them straight away, but one of the helpers told me I had to wait a whole hour!

Next it was time to write my letter to Father Christmas. I had to say why I had been good this year and what I would like for Christmas. I said I was good because I am always polite and I do as I’m told, even though I had eaten some of the playdoh after being told no. What Santa doesn’t know won’t hurt him! I asked for a ruffle skirt and some Hello Kitty curtains to match my bedding.

I got to do all kinds of other things, like decorating a glass, getting covered in glitter making tree decorations, eating yummy Christmas food and playing pass the parcel, which I didn’t win 🙁 I’m not really good at not winning!

Finally the big moment arrived… I got to go and meet Father Christmas! He gave me a nice cuddle and chatted to me and Floppy, and then gave me an awesome present of a Frozen game and a selection box.

My nappy lasted me through he whole day, I just leaked a teeny bit at the end so had a quick change into a Boots Staydry Slip before I left. I love these because they are plain white which is awesome and they are so soft!! I also had a stuffer pad to make sure there was no leaks on the way home.

At story time I gave out the little candy sticks I had brought along to share with my friends, and I fell asleep in the car on the way home. What an amazing day!