Sometimes I have to be a big girl, and have to do big girl things like housework, but of course I still need to have a little padded bottom while carrying out these tasks. Today, I decided that I needed to feel a bit glamourous, so I slipped into a corset and some heels, which felt a bit odd with the nappy but kind of sexy too!

I was wearing a plastic backed Attends M10, which was already a little damp but I was sure that would be ok for at least another hour or so.

Vacuuming in a corset, as it turns out, it quite difficult! Especially with a great big dyson. I did the best I could, and stopped for a cheeky glass of wine, before getting on with the ironing. Daddy has so many shirts, so it took quite some time. In the meantime the wine had worked it’s way through, and my little nappy was getting quite wet.

Reaching up high to dust the top of the mirrors, I felt a little wet trickle running down my leg. Oh no, leaked again!!

Time for a quick break and a change into a Molicare super plus. I really like the way the small nappies fit, because they feel so tight and cosy, but also really babyish. I prefer less material flapping around so I was happy, and off I went to finish my jobs.

On to the clothes washing. I had a pair of leggings that I had leaked on that morning that needed to be washed, along with some of my cloth nappies – I can throw all them in with my red Christmas t-shirt, right? Wrong, it turns out. Now I have pink cloth nappies instead of white ones. That’s not such a bad outcome!

With all the housework done, I slipped out of my corset and into my comfy footed pyjamas for a nice bottle of warm milk and cuddles on the sofa. Being a big girl is hard work!!

Minxy xx