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As an ABDL couple like many other people, we have tried loads of different diapers from time to time and today there is more choice than ever.

Personally I have always liked double tabbed diapers because I have always thought they give a much better fit for long periods and think that they look better due to there being more support as well.

Recently though I have been wearing ABU Cushies a lot and now consider them as one of my top diapers.

When first putting one on, it feels like the single tab is not enough and that it does not support the diaper, let alone support it throughout an entire day, so have always removed them and put on a different diaper without giving them a chance.

Until Sunday that was, as once a week we give full control to our partner and this time it was my turn.

My girlfriend decided that for the entire day I was going to be in chastity and diapered and then when we was to go out in the evening for a meal, I would be changed in to a fresh diaper.

My girlfriends choice of diaper was the ABU Cushie and at first I was happy, as I thought to myself they dont fit that well so I would be changed more often to prevent leaks but this was not the case at all.

What I did not know, was that while I was at work and she had the day off, she had worn the diaper for the entire day and was now her favorite.

This diaper stayed fitted so well that even though I had wet the diaper twice through the day, it was not budging and I was to stay in it until we was to get ready for the evening. Once we went out in the evening and even though had been walking about for quite a long time, the single tabs had well supported the diaper and probably fit better than most diapers had before.

From now on, I am a fan of single tabbed diapers and defiantly think that there just as good or even better than double tabbed diapers.

I think ukdiapergirls should do a poll on who likes what

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